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* Make Great Impressions
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* Copy Paper
Good value for everyday copies
* Multipurpose Paper
This paper does it all
* Inkjet Paper
Reduces smudging for better results
* Laser Paper
Reduces smearing for better results
* Photo Paper
Brings out the best in your pictures
* Recycled Paper
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* Specialty Papers
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* Paper Glossary
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Paper Cases
Paper Glossary
Acid-Free Paper
A paper manufactured to a neutral PH reading. Used for fine art prints, limited edition printing, permanent records and to protect other materials where contact with paper acidity would be harmful.

Basis Weight
The weight in pounds of a ream of paper cut to a given standard size for that grade.

Bond Paper
A grade of writing or printing paper generally manufactured for letterheads or forms. Basis size is 17 x 22.

The reflectance or brilliance of the paper when measured under a specialty calibrated blue light.

Carbonless Paper
Paper commonly used to produce multi-part business forms. Chemically transfers images from one sheet to another without carbon paper. The sheets are coated on one or two sides with an emulsion of colorless dyes and oils.

Card Stock
A heavyweight paper also known as Cover. Used as covers of catalogs, brochures, books or business cards.

Coated Paper
Paper having a surface coating which produces a smooth finish. Surfaces vary from eggshell to glossy.


Any post-printing process applied to a document.

Free Sheet
Paper free of mechanical wood pulp. Also called wood-free.

Glossy Paper
Paper that has undergone advanced calendaring on a supercalender. Steam and pressure are applied to burnish the paper and improve uniform reflection of light.

Matte Finish
A dull, clay-coated paper without the gloss or luster.

The property of paper which minimizes the show-through of printing from the back side or the next page.

Paper consisting of some amount of recovered or recycled cellulose fibers.

Texture of the surface of paper. Also called its finish. Generally determined with a tester which measures time required for a given volume of air to flow between the surfaces of the paper sample and a piece of optically-flat glass under the standard loading conditions.

Xerographic Paper
Papers made to reproduce well in copy machines and laser printers.
* Specialty Paper

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